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Resident communities are the mortar that binds neighbourhoods together. Bricks & Peops endeavour to reinforce a sense of community and liveability in its investment projects:


New Builds


Bricks & Peops/ Almitas Life SSAS are an equity partner with Ssassy Springfield/ Greencore Construction to develop a ground-breaking sustainable community of stunning houses in Southmoor, near Oxford. The project consists of 9 affordable houses and 16 open market houses that are being sold on a custom-build basis.


All the houses are being built using natural, bio-based materials to lock up carbon and have PV systems to achieve a very low/ carbon neutral footprint. The team is working with Bioregional to create a 'One Planet Living' action plan.


New Builds


Bricks & Peops/ Almitas Life SSAS are an equity partner with MELT Homes to develop 12 new homes in Gloucestershire. This new residential community is integrated within an established lush landscaped site to reinforce wellbeing for its residents.






Commercial Conversions


Bricks & Peops are an investment partner with EquaGroup, a commercial conversion developer in the home counties, focussing on delivering high quality starter homes. We share common interests in promoting entrepreneurship in the communities we are involved with.








Social media collaboration with Digital Mums


Bricks & Peops are delighted to be a partner with Digital Mums to upskill mothers with Digital Media Consultancy skills to pursue flexible work-life balance careers.



Drill Hall, Halifax


1 Bed Apartment acquired in 2017. Collaborating with charity, “Open Door – Independent Living” to provide accommodation to 16 to 18 year old residents who require life skills support.

Citu NQ, Manchester


2 Bed Apartment acquired in 2017. Off-plan investment due for completion in 2019. Early discussions with developers, “Salboy/ Factory Estates”, on measures to enhance residents’ liveability experience.  

Battersea PRS portfolio


5 houses acquired between 2001 and 2009. Identified work, live, play, learn and wellbeing activities in Battersea, London and encouraged private rental sector tenants to immerse in a balanced fulfilled lifestyle in the neighbourhood.



Investment Opportunity

Be part of the making of neighbourhoods of the future, where quality of life is enhanced and empowered.
Bricks & Peops together with Almitas Life SSAS Fund, seek to collaborate with co-developers, business owners and co-investors alike to generate strong returns and impactful outcomes on property and business investment opportunities. Please get in touch if you are interested to find out more.

The Investment Lifecycle

Bricks & Peops is seeking to deliver development projects that are in the range of £1.8 to £5 million Gross Development Value

Identify site and development appraisal

Procure site utilising investment capital

Design, Planning Application, Technical Appraisals and Financial management

Develop site/ Construction

Refinance site on completion

Capital returned to investors plus interest, with option to invest on next project

The Power Team

The development team with specialist local knowledge will be led by Bricks & Peops as the Development Manager.
The team includes a local architect, town planner, main contractor and a legal advisor. Other specialists may be needed dependent upon the complexity of the project.
Periodic reporting will be provided to cash investors and any optional JV partners on development progress to project completion.
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