Bricks & Peops is a property and business investment company based in London.


Its aim is to develop and invest in real estate and businesses that foster liveable communities across the UK.


It seeks out collaborative partnerships with local stakeholders to create impactful and authentic quality of life experiences for communities and economic resiliency for businesses.

The UK Opportunity

The Context

300,000 New Homes/Year

The number of new homes required to meet current and future household needs, as suggested by the UK government’s housing report. Savills 2017 report suggested that currently, housing targets are struggling to be met across the board

Quality of Life in UK's Cities/Towns

The UK is ranked 16th by the OECD’s Better Life Index. There is a perception that the UK’s quality of life is declining. The opportunity here is to develop communities that  enhance their liveability experiences at the neighbourhood scale

Regeneration Investments

Investments in HS2, Northern Powerhouse, Midlands Engine signify that the UK is open for business. Regional cities in particular will attract increased employment, talent, public amenities, etc

The Bricks & Peops Micro-Neighbourhood


To address the UK’s housing and entrepreneurial needs, Bricks & Peops Micro-Neighbourhoods that reinforce liveability themes can be created to connect with existing neighbourhood assets, reflect local heritage and are sensitive to the natural environment.


These neighbourhood hubs act as Socio-Economic incubators: Curating a community that is entrepreneurial, mutually supportive and embracing its quality of life potential.


The liveability themes could include:






Collaborative networks




Family friendly

Culturally diverse

Equitable communities





Fun for all ages



Re-tuning our senses


Life-long learning

New skills


Ecological/ environmental/ heritage stewardship

Fail fast to success


Mental, physical & spiritual health






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